Welcome to Quick Start (Work in Progress)

Hello, and welcome to Quick Start Media!  This blog is intended to be a creative tool for graphic designers who struggle with where to start when putting their designs on paper (or the screen for that matter).  Most of the pages now have content, and additions to each page will be added regularly – therefore visit back often to check out what’s been added.  In addition, before going any further I want to state that this site is not to be used as a crutch on which to put all of your weight as a designer. This is only meant to be a starting point. In other words, the spark can be found here, but the flame is up to you.  These design styles can be mixed and matched with several different combinations, so see what you can come up with! 

Finally, the content here will include several categories, including typography, logo design, color theory, vector graphics, and broadcast graphics. I hope to update the blog each week. Feel free to click the comment link above to leave us your feedback!


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