Video tutorials

This page contains video tutorials using various Adobe programs and Autodesk 3dsmax. Most of these tutorials are not going to teach you a difficult trick, but rather an effect that is used often in this field of work. Click on each to play- if you have the bandwidth, be aware that it plays much better in HD.

Adobe After Effects

Animating Text Range in After Effects
Animating Object Duplication in After Effects
Animating Lightburst using a Mask
Animating a Common 3D Text Effect
Blurring a Face in After Effects using a Mask
Freeze Frame a Portion of Video
Scrolling Products Behind Cutout Window
Black and White to Color Transition_Part 1
Black and White to Color Transition_Part 2
Using a Mask to Create a Lightsweep
3D Layer Effect
Animating Objects into a Circular Pattern
Creating a Dot Pattern in AE
Creating a Subtle Motion Background with Live Action Video
Creating a Virtual Reflection_Part 1
Creating a Virtual Reflection_Part 2
Object Duplication on Reflective Floor
Animating a Grid of Objects
Virtual Floor w/ Fake Shadows

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