Alright folks, I want to introduce you to the first of several graphic design contests we will conduct through this blog. The following image is in great need of a creative catch line or phrase, as well as some graphic design to make it more appealing. Keep in mind that some of the most effective advertisements are very simple, even with just a photo and a clever phrase to associate with the photo. Picture this: A grown man is riding on a tricycle on a long road, and you can see the long road ahead of him. You wonder, “What in the world?” Then you read the catch phrase: “Not planning for retirement won’t get you very far either. Liberty Retirement Planning can help.” This is the type of simplicity we are going for here, so get creative with this photo. Keep in mind that you must click the thumbnail image below to enlarge it, then right click to save the image as hi-res. You can also view the Photoshop page to get some ideas on how to edit the photo.

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