Design Elements

The following image is an example of the type of variety you can achieve with the ability to modify basic shapes in Illustrator or Photoshop.  Using basic shapes and modifying their points (using Direct Select tool or Convert Anchor Point), you can achieve quite a few effects: (1) Squash or stretch the triangles to get a variety of effects: a roof, a ray of light, a Delta symbol, etc.  (2) With circles, you can stretch them out into over-elongated ellipses and get the shape of a single flower petal for a daisy, or move the points around using the Direct Select tool and create a boomerang-like shape.  (3) With stars, just look at all the different types shown here to get an idea of what can be done.  (clicking ONCE in the viewport with any of these shapes will bring up a pop-up dialogue box allowing you to type in specific dimensions.  Modifying the points after creating the shape can be done using either Direct Selection or the Convert Anchor Point tool on the toolbar).  So consider who your client is, and choose the appropriate shape.  For a sports theme targeted at guys, you would use hard-edged, box-like shapes such as rectangles.  For females, choose circles, ellipses, or curvy lines.  You get the idea.  So give it shot and see how much variety you can create!


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