Free Photos

The following photos are personal hi-res photos I’ve taken that are free for you to use to develop your graphic design portfolio, and to even use in commercial freelance work if you like. (click on thumbnail image to enlarge, then right click to download). I hope to add several more on a regular basis, so check back often. One more note – in regard to the photos of businesses shown here (such as the Field Museum of Chicago), you are responsible for how you choose to modify these photos and distribute within your portfolio, so be wise. The other photos of the wildlife, cityscapes, etc, you should be able to do whatever you want with. So have at it and let your creativity flow!

More photos will be added on a regular basis. Please visit back often!

Office Supplies Advertisement Project

For this project you will be using the photos below to create an advertisement for your own office supply store. (name it what you want). These photos are hi-res but are a bit dark and will need the Levels adjusted in Photoshop. For most of them you will need to open the Levels dialogue, then move the right marker to the start of the graph as shown below.

Once you do this, you will see a major difference in the quality of your photo. So here is the approach you will want to take.

(1) First, determine your audience. Are you going for the ‘back to school’ crowd? If so you will want to use an aggressive color scheme that will grab their attention. Aqua blues, pinks, reds, bright yellows and greens, etc. If you are targeting the office professional, you may want more muted colors such as forest greens, mustard yellows, etc.
(2) Next, determine the types of shapes you will want to use, as well as how to arrange them in your composition. This can get intimidating because there are so many possibilities to choose from, but choose a shape and add as much variety as you can to it. If using a circle, change it’s colors, resize it, make one filled w/ color and another only outlined with color, put one small circle inside of a larger circle, etc. You can view the Vector Art page or the Color Schemes and Themes section of the Color page to get some ideas.
(3) Finally, bring in your photos to Photoshop, start cutting out the backgrounds to emphasize only the object, then rock ‘n roll!


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