A logo could easily be synonymous with the word ‘identity’.  If branded strategically with a good identity (logo), a company can be recognized by a logo without even the use of text.  Nike is a good example- you see the swoosh and you immediately think Nike.  This page will provide tips and techniques to use in designing good logos, often using a play on words (or images).  And one of the best methods for designing great logos is studying from the best, while breaking down the method for their madness.  As a final note, however, a good logo doesn’t require that you form an image within the text, but it often creates a nice effect.  Therefore, don’t feel like you MUST create an object from one or more letters in the company name.  Nike didn’t, and look how popular their logo is!

 Company/Concept Consider all word and image associations with that object  Result (click to enlarge)
 Alltech Biotechnology Keywords: Science, microscope, bacteria, long life, cells, etc.Thoughts: Looking at a microscope carefully you can see an ‘A’.  Thus the logo result….  
 Spartan Golf Club Key words: Golf ball, dimples on the ball, golf club, flagstick, putting green, the swing, roman helmet.Brilliant result….  
 The Guitar Shop Key words: Guitar body, guitar neck, frets, tuning keys, fingers playing, etc.Thoughts: Look at the guitar until you see a ‘G’, or another letter in the word ‘guitar’.  
 ZIP zipper track, zipper handle, pants, shirt.  Questions to consider: What shape is the zipper? Straight.  Are there any letters in the word ZIP that are also straight?  Oh, the ‘I’……  
 Coffee Shop Coffee cup with handle, steam, coffee beans, coffee maker, bag of coffee. (Note: you can make just about any letter you want with the steam).  
Elefont Trunk, large ears, profile of elephant’s body, letters of a font (lot of flexibility with the trunk also.  You can bend it or make it straight to make just about any letter).
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