Image Resolution

Resolution and Proportion

  Here is a clean photo of a war plane from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  The resolution was sized down to fit within this blog, so you can see that it has retained it’s quality and crisp detail.
  Here is the same photo distorted and blurry.  Never increase the size of a photo from within the viewport.  Occasionally you might be able to use the Image Size tool and be sure that the resample option is checked if you don’t resize it too large.  Printing companies use this technique when creating posters from even hi res photos they would otherwise not be able to print that size without enlargement.  So needless to say, sometimes it needs to be done.
Do you notice something wrong here?  If you don’t, it is time to train your eye to begin seeing when an image is not proportional.  Our image here has been squashed horizontally, distorted the original proportions of the image.  When resizing within the viewport (and it must be downsizing, not upsizing), press Ctrl T and be sure to click on the upper right corner AND HOLD SHIFT while dragging.  This will ensure that your image remains proportional.
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