Font Style Ideas

The following image will hopefully give you some ideas to play with when designing with type. The image is hi-res, so click the thumbnail to enlarge it.

Drop Shadow Effect Using 3 Layers

I saw the following effect used recently while preparing a bag of veggies to eat. After thinking about the approach they might have used, I decided to post it here with instructions on how to create the same effect in Illustrator. (click the image to enlarge it).

1. Create your type layer with an appropriate style font.
2. Create 2 copies of the layer, making 3 layers total. Stagger them so that each layer is a bit lower and slightly to the right of the one above it.  Below is a zoomed in shot of the ‘t’ to get a bit more clarification here.

3. Name your layers Top, Middle and Bottom, in that order from top to bottom.
4. Change the top layer to a dark green, the middle layer to white, and the bottom layer to a light green.  (use only fill colors, without stroke colors).  You then get the effect seen above.

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